Do you need to split files?

Download and use for free my own creation: Split! For Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003/...

File Splitter screenshot

Version history:
You can find/download the Split version history here

Download Split (250k). Plain WinZip file with optional INF installation script.

Download Split  Split32.exe (281k). Auto launches the INF script to install.

Check out the online manual or download the Acrobat PDF (included with the program downloads too).

Download Split 16 for bit OS  Split16.exe (68k). Ancient no longer supported 16 bit version. Remains here for historic reasons. It is a selfinstalling WinZip file! (16 bit, works also on 95/98/NT/XP, no LFN support on NT). Note that I stopped further development on the 16 bit version since I started the 32 bit version. The 16 bit version does not have the cool features described above under the "What is new in version X.XX". Only use this version if you want to experiment with old Windows 3.11 virtual machines or if you are a very poor school with only 80286 machines.

The most important is that it is FREE WARE!